Weekly Update: Week of January 11, 2016


We began the week by reviewing all the countries of Asia. Students labeled a blank map to check their own knowledge. We spend some time finishing our Class Travel Map and then went over questions related to the information from the map to check our understanding and check our map reading skills. After that we went over different geographical features found on the planet Earth and played a review game. Students begun work on physical features of Asia map where they had to label the most important features in Asia and use their best mapmaking skills. We finished the week by playing CNN Student News Kahoot.

Need to Know:

Students need to finish their class work in class. They should not be taking class work to complete that at home. If they are not done in class they have to find time during tutorials to finish their work. The only Social Studies homework they should be completing is watching CNN Student news videos.


There is lots of fun ways to improve your geography skills! There are lots of fun games there that can make you a geography expert!








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