Weekly Update: Week of January 5, 2016


Welcome Back! Hope everyone had a nice holiday break.

We kicked off the new semester with a new unit on Interactions. Students defined what interactions mean to them and then brainstormed different ways societies, countries, and cultures interact with one another. We looked at a Gunter Holtorf’s 23 years of travel and students reflected on his adventures and the different interactions he has had over the last twenty-three years. We also made a list (and defined) top ten words that will be important for this unit. After that we went over the importance of maps and the different components that go into mapmaking. Students took a survey on Asian countries they have traveled to and then used the class data to create a travel map using all the components that go into creating a good map. We finished the week playing CNN Student news Kahoot.

Need to Know:

All semester one grades and comments are now posted on gradebook. Please let me know if you have any questions.


We will be looking at current events weekly for the rest of the school year. Please remind students that they are required to watch CNN student news during the school days (each vide is 10 minutes long and there are five of them in a week).

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